SHURflo® - Industrial Products

Shertech® has a New Name:  "SHURflo®  Industrial"

Previously known as: "Shertech and the Hypro Industrial Products Group."  Two Pentair® Pump Divisions have merged together, consolidating two Industrial Pump Brands into one.  Moving forward, the Shertech Brand Pump Products will carry the SHURflo Brand Name.  Pump and Part Model Numbers have not changed, only the name.  Please note the new web address:

Shertech®, now SHURflo®, is a world leader of industrial fluid transfer solutions.  We offer high-performance centrifugal, gear, roller, flexible impeller and diaphragm pumps that provide the durability and variety you need to solve your problem.  We back our products with an expert team of customer service representatives and engineers that will be there when you need them.  Think of us as an extension of YOUR team that provides innovative solutions to your most complex pumping problems.

Shertech®, now SHURflo®, also has a long-term reputation with Original Equipment Manufacturers as a "Partner in Innovation", continually expanding its product line to meet ever-challenging pumping opportunities O.E.M.s demand.

In the future, the SHURflo® Diaphragm & Flexible Impeller Pumps and Accessories will be included on this web site.

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